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Visual Resume

Professional Experience

Washington, DC

Web Developer

  • Lead developer PHP/HTML/jQuery traffic reporting tool - traffic dept could input incidents for web display and on-air reading.
  • Lead developer on PHP/HTML/jQuery Newsroom Assignments tool - imported XML schedules and editors could track and assign tasks.
  • Lead front end developer for a large site (5000+ pages) with tens of thousands of daily users and millions of page views.
  • Led redesign and rebranding of
  • Dynamic (Flash and jQuery) support and programming for ad networks - making interstitial ads run, adjusting tracking of ads, etc.
  • Created PHP and jQuery dynamic tools for enterprise level site.
Herndon, VA

Application Developer

  • Lead developer on HTML/ CSS/ jQuery Computer Based Training for EPA Acquisition System.
  • Lead developer on web and Flash based training for White House mandated training on working more effectively with Native American and Alaska Native governments.
  • Principal animator on Flash based EPA-wide training project on electronics and computer recycling (federal Electronics Challenge) Created and animated characters and situations to help illustrate situations and ideals about recycling.
  • Principal developer for Captivate based training for several EPA offices.
  • Developed Flash Actionscripts for various projects, including training, presentations and multimedia.
  • Adapted older trainings and presentations in Flash and HTML to be fully Section 508 compliant.
  • Lead designer and assistant developer on ColdFusion based EPA Crisis Communications alerts and security module.
  • Lead designer and HTML/CSS/Javascript developer on many projects for EPA offices and divisions.
Herndon, VA

Web Developer and Graphic Designer

  • Contracted to Computer Sciences Corp. as a Web Developer on the EPA contract.
  • Designed fully 508 compliant internet and intranet sites for EPA including a requested redesign on the entire EPA look and feel using XHTML Strict and CSS.
  • Worked with programmers and designers to build training application using Lotus Domino Designer and HTML, CSS, Javascript and other technologies.
  • Designed graphic banners, images, etc. for various EPA internet and intranet websites.
  • Developed training materials in Power Point and graphics applications to train large EPA division (OECA) in using Dreamweaver and newest EPA template.
  • Co-ran aforementioned training over a 2 day training session for ~20 EPA employees.
  • Created 508 compliant Adobe PDF materials for deployment on EPA internet and intranet sites.
  • Serving as Principal Contact for web updates, corrections, and requests for 2 large EPA divisions (ORD and OSA).
Germantown, MD

Web Developer and Graphic Designer

  • Sungard Higher Education contracted with Montgomery College, Maryland as technical experts in Distance Education, through the IT department. In my role as Web Developer:
  • Designed and built sites for Distance Learning department in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and some Cold Fusion – using a variety of design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc.).
  • Redesigned and deployed entire Distance Learning website.
  • Built interactive HTML based tutorials to mimic the look and feel of advance course system software (WebCT).
  • Designed and built sites for Instructional Technology (InTech) including all graphics and new logo – site was built using a fully CSS template. I also developed training materials so individual webmasters for the various sections of the site could maintain the consistent look and feel of the site. Sites were built with Dreamweaver templates to facilitate updates for webmasters.
  • Created interactive tutorials for online education course software WebCT in Macromedia Captivate.
  • Developed training manuals for various aspects of WebCT (online course presentation software).
  • Created tutorial sites for the Montgomery College Libraries and designed and developed the tutorial template to be deployed on all campuses of Montgomery College.
  • Created marketing and informational pieces for Distance Learning including brochures and technical manuals.
  • Acted as voiceover talent for tutorials and marketing materials.
  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ColdFusion, Javascript, Captivate, Audio Recording, WebCT, Windows XP operating system and troubleshooting, Mac OS X operating system and troubleshooting, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Impatica, Microsoft Access.
Lanham, MD

Information Manager

  • Created and maintained 3 sites related to a startup pharmaceutical firm, and served as creative director in redesign of two of the sites.
  • Updated and created PHP based pages for e-commerce using Smarties PHP plug-in technology.
  • Maintained e-commerce site and database.
  • Created brochures, press kits and other promotional media in a variety of programs (Word, Publisher, Illustrator).
  • Managed office of 5 people including payroll, W-4 forms, HR responsibilities.
  • Managed shopping cart site based on PHP and Smarties.
  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP Smarties, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Freehand, ADP Payroll, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Windows XP operating system and troubleshooting, Mac OS X operating system and troubleshooting.
Bethesda, MD

Multimedia Designer

  • Created and managed sites for large foreign medical network using HTML and Javascript. The site was a Saudi Arabian military medical network site and had to be accessible in both Arabic and English – as such I have a lot of experience working with translators to implement a website.
  • Directed and produced short films for marketing purposes, using Final Cut Pro, Maya 3D, DVD Studio Pro and Premiere. These films were high-end productions and had to adhere to strict standards as tey were presented to Saudi royalty, including the Saudi ambassador to the US and the crown princes.
  • Directed and engineered multimedia presentations for online nursing education using DV and Digital Audio technology.
  • Served as chief liaison between creative department and programmers for web applications.
  • Acted as voiceover talent for marketing materials.
  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Microsoft Producer, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visual Source Safe, Windows XP operating system and troubleshooting, Mac OS X operating system and troubleshooting.
Laurel, MD

Web and Graphic Designer

  • Designed and created commerce website using HTML, Javascript, and off-the-shelf shopping cart technology.
  • Designed print-ready packaging materials for game boxes, board graphics and ancillary materials – designed for everything from 2-color to 4-color designs and served as chief liaison with prepress and printers.
  • Designed marketing and print materials for vendors and customers using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Designed an built trade show booth graphics and highly visible marketing materials.
  • Designed and built interactive game demo in Macromedia Flash.
  • Technologies used: HTML, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop.



Freelance Work

Rockville, MD

Web Designer

Designed and built entirely CSS based website. Adapted all old marketing and graphics to new design for ease of use and extremely fast turnaround.

College Park, MD

Graphic Designer

Joint Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition - Designed trade show booth materials and marketing. Booth graphics were extremely large format (5’x7’) and were re-used for multiple trade shows.

Washington DC

Web Developer

Center for Quality Assurance in International Education – maintain and update large website deployed in dozens of countries worldwide. Create web pages and dynamic pages to display presentations and information to a multi-cultural audience.



Software Proficiency

HTML/CSS (hand-coding)

JavaScript / jQuery

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Acrobat (508 issues)

  • 8 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples

Adobe Captivate

  • 6 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples

Adobe Flash

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Premiere

  • 10 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples

Final Cut Pro

  • 8 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples

DVD Studio Pro

  • 8 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples



Microsoft PowerPoint

  • 12 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples



  • 4 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples


  • 6 Years Experience
  • Expert
  • Examples