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Web Design

Over 15 years of experience with HTML coding and almost as long with Dreamweaver. I have given classes in Dreamweaver to EPA offices, Adult Education classes and private tutorials.

American Indian Environmental Office Intranet

American Indian Environmental Office Intranet webpage

The EPA American Indian Environmental Office wanted a web page for their intranet site. Because of my work for the Tribal Internet, they asked me to design this one.

EPA Office of the Chief Financial Officer

EPA Office of the Chief Financial Officer webpage

Website design for EPA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Design was to bring their very old design (circa 1998) into modern web standards and sensibilities.

EPA Tribal Portal

EPA Tribal Portal

A sensitive project that had to appease both Native American tribes from around the country AND EPA's strict web design standards. I accomplished both and the design was cited by EPA's Office of Public Affairs on several occasions.

Mount Airy Animal Hospital

Mt Airy Animal Hospital Web page (thumbnail)

Website design for Mount Airy Animal Hospital. Design was based on existing logo, and used complimentary colors, but of a much lighter tone to soften the overall site.

Sycamore Homes

Sycamore Homes Web Page (thumbnail)

Website design for Sycamore Homes. Design was done using 'earthy' tones customer preferred, as well as serif style fonts, which the customer believed gave the site a more regal feel.

Graphic Design

American Indian Environmental Office

American Indian Environmental Office Banner

EPA American Indian Environmental Office wanted a banner to illustrate Native American heritage while being non-specific to any tribe. Using indigenous American animals and no color scheme save for the default EPA scheme, I delivered a banner they loved.

Office of Human Resources

EPA Office of Human Resources (OHR) wanted their logo to look more modern. So I made it look more modern.

Old OHR logo
Old Logo
New OHR logo
New Logo

Strategic Action Plan Illustration

Old Illustration
Old OHR logo
New Illustration
New OHR logo