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My main focus in Flash is animation and illustration, though I am well versed in Actionscript through 2.0, and beginning to get more so in 3.0. All of my Flash work is fully accessible (IE only right now - Firefox still has some tabbing issues. Get with the 508 way, Firefox). Examples shown here are basic animations (using both timelines and scripting) - I am unable to post for public consumption some of the more intricate examples of Flash coding, but can provide examples on special request.

Flash Animation

Flash animation for Federal Electronics Challenge

Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) animation. All of the work for this project was done under strict time limits, so the animations are relatively simple - mainly because the full piece consisted of over 50 separate animations and illustrations. This was done with a combination of Flash illlustration and low level Actionscript.

Flash animation for Federal Electronics Challenge

More from the Federal Electronics Challenge. Simple illustration and tweening.